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About Us: Elevating Beauty and Style at the Best Hair Salon in Columbus, Ohio

Meet the team behind Columbus Ohio's best hair salon. Our girls are extremely talented and here to ensure you walk away feeling your absolute best!


Meet MJ: Master Stylist and Founder of MJ Luxe Styles


Discover the brilliance of MJ, our lead artist at MJ Luxe Styles in Columbus, Ohio. With over two decades of expertise, she specializes in lived-in color, blonding, hair extensions, color corrections, and transformations. As a dedicated CHI traveling color educator, MJ ensures a continuous journey of learning and growth, both personally and professionally.

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Hennessy: Expert Stylist Trained Under MJ | Specializing in Lived-In Color, Blonding, Extensions, and Balayage


Meet Hennessy, our skilled stylist at MJ Luxe Styles in Columbus, Ohio. Trained under MJ since the age of 14, she specializes in lived-in color, blonding, hair extensions, and balayage. Certified in the MJ Luxe method and a CHI color educator, Hennessy's extensive skillset and ongoing education ensure superior results for every client.

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Mia: Passionate Stylist Crafting Transformative Looks | 5+ Years Industry Experience in Balayage, Blondes, and Hair Extensions


Meet Mia, the dedicated stylist at MJ Luxe Styles in Columbus, Ohio, driven by a passion for hair and artistic flair. With over 5 years in the industry, Mia has honed her skills by assisting celebrity hair artists in Beverly Hills, working with diverse clientele, and mastering a versatile range of techniques, including balayage, blondes, and hair extensions

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Angela: Boutique Manager Creating Exceptional Shopping Experiences | Style Curator with a Keen Eye for Trends


Meet Angela, the dedicated boutique manager at MJ Luxe in Columbus, Ohio. Flawlessly handling day-to-day projects, she curates an exceptional shopping experience for our valued customers. With a keen eye for style and a deep understanding of the latest trends, Angela strives to create a welcoming and inspiring environment that leaves a lasting impression.

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Why Choose MJ Luxe Styles

Services Tailored to You From lived-in color to stunning extensions, choose from a range of services personalized to enhance your unique beauty.

Convenient Booking- Schedule your appointment hassle-free. Your journey to a new look is just a click away.

Luxury Hair Extensions That Won't Break The Bank- Get MORE for LESS with our proprietary line of luxury hair extensions at MJ Luxe Styles. We make sure our hair extensions are the best extesnions you have ever had with a focus on affordablility and uncompromised quality.

Convenient Location in Columbus, Ohio- Experience the luxury of MJ Luxe Styles at our Columbus location. Elevate your hair with our top rated hair salon and hair extension services

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